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Larry Tuch is a writer and creative consultant working in the fields of place making, themed entertainment, and interactive media. He was the Head Writer for Paramount Pictures’ StoryDrive Engine project and has worked as a freelance writer and interactive designer for Walt Disney Imagineering.

In the field of place making, Larry’s work focuses on shaping the narratives and themes that inform the design and branding of visitor destinations. His projects have included creative development for the master planning of communities, resorts, and commercial properties in Hubei, Tianjin, Shanxi, and Yunnan provinces in the People’s Republic of China. His cultural heritage projects have included creative development for the visitor experience at a medieval monastery complex in Syunik, Armenia and narrative design for prototype VR theater tours of the Mogao “Thousand Buddha Caves,” a UN World Heritage Site near Dunhuang, PRC.

In the field of Themed Entertainment, Larry has developed story-based concepts for water parks and theme parks planned for Qatar and the Republic of Korea and a 200-acre island resort in the Caribbean. He has also been a creative consultant for Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, one of Southern California's most popular tourist destinations.